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If you are looking to join an online gambling affiliate program then why not join one that specialises in the field. Bettor Affiliates specialise in online gambling affiliates, we have extensive knowledge of the business and we know what it takes to stand out from the crowd. We can make sure your website or app is the one that stands out, regardless of whether you are a new start-up business, or an established, fully functioning business. Our specialist expertise can add tremendous value to your website or app, pushing you towards being number one in your field. With our expertise, we can increase your online exposure and make you more attractive to future clients.

Our Services

One of the biggest benefits to allowing us to manage your online gambling affiliate program is that we will spend the time finding new potential affiliates, leaving you with much more spare time on your hands. You can use that time to continue growing your business, leaving us to focus on new affiliates while you focus on your current partnerships and increasing your traffic. With an affiliate management team on board, you will find yourself being able to concentrate on other parts of your business, instead of continually chasing new affiliate leads. We will do all the hard work for you, using our extensive range of contacts to bring new affiliate leads to you. We can create reports for the leads we find, showing how to make them profitable and comparing them to the other affiliates you currently have on board.

By creating a partnership with Bettor Affiliates, you can streamline your affiliate program, making it run smoothly and efficiently as we will do all the hard work behind the scenes. You will have the ability to quickly read reports on your different affiliates, see where you are doing well and make sure everything on your website or app is focused in the right direction. By joining us hard work becomes a thing of the past as we take care of all of that, you can concentrate on growing your business while we do the rest. A streamlined, effective affiliate program is the start of making your website or app easier to run, less time consuming and more rewarding. Focus your time on the right areas and focus on the right things, by doing that your business will grow.

For those who own established websites, you will be interested in are our in-depth knowledge of the market and our ability to spot an opportunity. We can take a look through your existing affiliate program and offer advice on how to improve it. Whether it needs streamlining or needs taking in a whole new direction, we believe we can add value to any existing program. We are always striving to improve even the most successful programs that we manage and that could include yours. With a fierce market out there, it is important to stay at the top of your game and make sure you stay ahead of the field. Our expertise can do that for you, and with specialist industry knowledge, you know you will be dealing with an affiliate management team who knows what it takes to be number one.

Affiliate reports are one of the key areas that we work on. Bettor Affiliates will make sure you know what areas are working, and how well they are doing compared to the areas that are struggling. These reports will enable you to spend your time looking at the right areas of your business or potentially even changing your path slightly, to make sure you head towards the more profitable part of it. When we know what affiliates work for your website or app, we can continue to find new affiliates that are similar, making your business more profitable than it was before. This will take time, but by working through the reports and identifying the key areas we can make sure your whole affiliate program is making you money and geared towards the right areas.

If you own a start-up business then Bettor Affiliates can help you from the very start of your adventure. We can help you prior to launching, showing you what type of affiliates we can put you in touch with, enabling you to gear your website or app towards them. We can offer expert advice at the launch stage, using our industry knowledge to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Many start-ups take time to build but with our industry knowledge, we can quickly make you stand out compared to the other start-ups out there. There are many established websites and apps on the market and our goal is to get you competing with them as quickly as possible. With our in-depth knowledge of the market we know what it takes to succeed, we can point you in the right direction and move you quickly towards your end goal, which is for you to have a very successful affiliate program.

When working with new start-ups we make sure all our work is focused on the long-term and not just the short-term goals of the business. We want to form a long-term partnership with every start-up company we help and we believe our expertise enables us to do that. A key part of our relationship will be how easy we make things, and that is especially when it comes to payment. We don’t want to just ensure high pay outs for you, but we also want to make sure that being paid is simple and stress-free. We have the same monthly pay out date and make sure all payment details are simple and easy to understand. We not only want you to make a profit, but we also want you to fully understand when you will see that profit. With our simple and easy payment terms, including same day pay out every month, you know what to expect when from us.

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