Why Work With Us

By creating a partnership with Bettor Affiliates you are siding with an affiliate management team that specialises in new online gambling site affiliates. We have the right tools, knowledge and experience to add value to your website or app, making you stand out from the crowd and be more profitable. We know the business inside out, we have great contacts and we can pass those on to you to make sure you get the edge you need over your competition.

What We Offer

We can connect your affiliate program with our contacts to enable you to make it as profitable as possible. We have many contacts and you can choose the ones you want if you require. We can create reports for you so you can see what is working and what areas to focus on going forward, this is key to making you even more profitable in the future. Not only do we add value in the short term, but our work is always designed to make you as profitable as possible in the long term, we want our partnership with your business to be a long-term, successful one.

The long-term success of your business is our number one priority, because if you are successful then we are successful. It is in our interests to grow your business, adding value, making you more profitable and making you a long term success. We pride ourselves on helping businesses have quick results, as well as long-term stable results. Short term quick results are no good without a long term plan behind them and that is what we put in place. By being specialists in the online gambling affiliate market, we know what to do in the short term, and more importantly what to do in the long term.

For those with start-up businesses we can offer all the expertise you need to get off the ground quickly. We can set you apart from other start-ups thanks to our vast experience in the field and we can allow you to compete with the established competition very quickly. If you are looking for someone to help you from the start, why not work with a team that specialises in your field. We know what works, we know the competition and we know what to do to grow your new business in the right way, ensuring profit in both the short and long term.

When it comes to start-up businesses, we will not only help you set up and launch, but we will offer continued support and advice. We will create different reports, show what is working for your website or app, and what areas to focus on going forward. Getting off the ground is one thing, but finding ways to bring continued ROI is the key to making your business work long term. We can offer expertise in the launch stage, and continued expertise as your business grows and develops.

For those with an established affiliate program, we can offer a fresh look at your program, offering ways to improve and streamline the program, making it more profitable. We can set up numerous reports, show what does and doesn’t work in your current program, allowing us to focus on the right areas. A fresh approach from us can identify areas that need improvement, and areas that need no change, allowing you to make sure you spend hours looking at the right part of your program.

Even the most established affiliate program will have value added by our experienced team. Our knowledge of the industry will allow us to make sure your established affiliate program is running as well as it possibly can, making maximum profit and running as smoothly as possible. We believe that every affiliate program can benefit from us taking a look at it and when it comes to established programs, we will bring a fresh look, finding new ways to make a profit, as well as making sure the old ways are still working as well as they should.

Bettor Affiliates are specialist online gambling affiliate managers that know the business and can add value to any program, whether it is a start-up program or an established, profitable program. We will tailor our work to suit your needs, making sure we work on the areas that are most important to you and your business. We can bring high pay outs to your business and want to create long-term, profitable partnerships for us both. With the same monthly pay out date, being paid is stress-free and easy with us, you will know what money you will be receiving and when allowing you more time to concentrate on growing your business.

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